abannie:Amy knew things were going to change for the worst when…


Amy knew things were going to change for the worst when her mother found her hidden supply of training panties under her bed.  She had begun wetting the bed a month ago butuntil then had managed to keep it a secret from her family.  Her mother was furious with her and spankedher until she confessed to everything.  Thenher mother insisted on putting her 18 year old daughter in her infantile pull-upseach night and out of them each morning.
Things got even worse when she had that accident on her walk home from
school.  Now her mother is making her
wear real diapers 24/7!  Worst of all, that
even includes school!  Now, each day when
she gets home from school her mother or little brother makes a big show over
checking the status of her diaper.  

Amy’s mom said that if she can keep dry during the day for
one more month, she could have another shot at Pull-ups!  But each day when she gets checked, she is
holding her breath hoping what little control she has been able to retain does
not fail her and set her back a whole month of progress!

This is my first cappy!  Thinking about making more or this one into a story, let me know if you have any thoughts! <3