Alisha has been arrested and is put into a holding cell that…

Alisha has been arrested and is put into a holding cell that does not have a toilet. The guard gives her an orange prison shirt and a disposable to wear. She is quite upset that she is expected to wear a diaper and voices her disapproval, but it doesn’t help and is quickly dressed in the humiliating garment.

Some time later, Alisha has a very full bladder and begs the guard to take her to a toilet. Unfortunately, he must follow the rules and refuses. She struggles to avoid the embarrassing act of pissing herself, but in the end her bladder wins out and she soaks the diaper.

The following morning, still waiting for a new diaper to replace the wet one she is wearing, she realizes she has another problem. Her bowels always demand to be emptied shortly after waking and this morning is no exception. Once again she voices her disapproval, but it falls on deaf ears.

Before long, the cramps are too much and she simply finds a comfortable position to empty her bowels. Standing up and spreading her legs, she pushes out and fills the diaper with a loud stream of farts and effluent. The stain spreads quickly through the already wet diaper. Alisha is overcome with humiliation as she simply kneels at the side of the cot, refusing to sit in the nasty diaper. When will someone come to help her change out of this messy diaper? And why is a grown woman being forced to do such despicable things?