littlebabydee: These are my favorite pictures. EVER. They also…


These are my favorite pictures. EVER. They also come with a small story… so, you all know how much I adore Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So, after spending a long, super hot day walking around Disney World for Littles Pride Day (hence why I look so sweaty and exhausted in these pics, sorry! :x), Daddy told me he had a surprise for me before we left. I followed him over to the Disney Junior lot, begging him to tell me what it was, where I found a character meet-and-greet with none other than my hero, Jake! I was beyond beaming with joy! 😀

We sat down in line with all the other little kids, singing along to Disney Junior songs, until finally Jake came out! I felt so so so shy in the most wonderful way~ My Littles Pride Day was INCREDIBLE 🙂

One last thing about these pictures… when Jake came up to me he gave me a super big hug! Then he pointed at my shortalls and gave me a thumbs up… but then he noticed my pacifier, which hw pointed at and scratched his head, in a “why does someone as big as you have a binkie?” kinda gesture. Needless to say, i turned 18 different shades of red… But then he gave me a high five and another hug, which made me feel, like, cloud nine status. As we were walking away, Daddy told me that the line attendant he was talking with said to him (and I quote) “Well, he IS in Neverland… he doesn’t have to grow up if he doesn’t want to!” *seven billion times blush!*

I hope that your Littles Pride Day was as magical an experience mine was! I know that I can’t wait for next April 23rd~ 🙂