The doorbell rings. Muffin opens the door to s…

The doorbell rings. Muffin opens the door to see her neighbors standing there holding a bag of ABDL diapers. Her neighbors, Lolly and Taylor, tell her they received the delivery by mistake and assumed it belonged to her. Not wanting anyone else to see, Muffin invites them in and checks to see if anyone is watching. As she peeks out the door, however, Lolly lifts her shirt and exposes the diaper she is currently wearing.

Now using this information as leverage, the girls take Muffin to the nursery, where they marvel at all the cute babyish things in the room. Muffin sure is a kinky girl. They tease her and take photos at first, but then Lolly decides to change the poor girl’s wet diaper. Muffin is utterly humiliated at this turn of events and tries to hide her face, but the other girls just keep up the torment. Finally, they lock Muffin in the crib and tell her to stay put until they come to get her in the morning.

What else could they have in store for her? Will they expose her embarrassing secret to the world?