Your girlfriend finds your wet sheets in the l…

Your girlfriend finds your wet sheets in the laundry room and decides it’s time to take action. With all other options exhausted, she resorts to a bit of diaper discipline. If you can’t keep your bed dry, you will have to wear diapers.

She teases you mercilessly as she pulls out the diapers that came in the mail. Thick and fluffy with adorable prints is exactly what you need. You resist, but you’re no match for her. As she condescendingly discusses your wetting problem, she takes no flack as she lays you on the floor and strips you of your underwear. She even got you some baby toys to complete the utter humiliation. You’re not sure why you don’t resist more, as she slides the thick diaper under your butt. You put up a modicum of resistance, but a few hard smacks to your butt quiets you right down.

When she notices your erection, she laughs at you and chides you for enjoying your punishment. After adding lots of baby powder, she opens up a can of suppositories for the next part of your punishment. Not only will you be kept in diapers for the next few weeks, you’re going to spend a fair amount of time in messy diapers. After sliding them into your bum, she tapes up your diaper and takes some photos of your adorable punishment. Now if you don’t do as you’re told, she is going to show them to all your friends.