Alisha has been having a hard time using her d…

Alisha has been having a hard time using her diapers, so Daddy decides to give her an enema. With a full enema bag of soapy water next to her, she waits patiently on the changing table Daddy. When he arrives, he helps her pull down her diaper, so she can bend over and accept the large inflatable nozzle.

The enema drains quickly into her bottom, eliciting serious cramps which make me whimper in distress. Despite the empty bag, Daddy makes her hold it for a few minutes to ensure it has time to work. When he does remove the massive invader, he tells her to hold it as long as possible.

Ten minutes later, Alisha is laying on the changing table fighting the cramps. She is supposed to try to hold the enema for at least 15 minutes, but she is losing that battle. When the discomfort becomes to much to bear, she loses control and loudly fills her diaper. Hopefully Daddy will change her quickly, because the smell is horrid.