Alisha has been quite the brat lately. After t…

Alisha has been quite the brat lately. After talking back to Daddy, he decides to take action and introduce some corrective measures. If she insists on running at the mouth, perhaps she should run at the other end as well. Daddy gives her a triple dose of castor oil and locks her in the crib for the night. Early bedtime means she will be in the crib for a full 11 hours.

In the middle of the night, the castor oil has kicked in and Alisha is awakened by intense cramps. She tries to get comfortable, but the gas is shifting inside her and wreaking havoc. After struggling with cramps and very little sleep for several hours, the inevitable happens and barely finds a comfortable position before losing control.

For several minutes, Alisha kneels in the crib as each cramp brings a fresh load from her bottom that is quickly filling her diaper. When the cramps finally subside, she rolls over carefully and tries to find a comfortable position to sleep.