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Continuing the fundraiser for Lucy. If you’d like a discounted membership to just email me at

The newest diaper girl at Diapered Online – …

The newest diaper girl at Diapered Online – Bunny! 🙂

Very close to our goal. Extending the sale by …

Very close to our goal. Extending the sale by one week to ensure Lucy’s needs are met. Fundraiser sale ends September 20, 2018. Email if you’re interested in a discounted membership to help a good cause.

Lucy is in a tough spot. She needs back surg…

Lucy is in a tough spot. She needs back surgery but can’t afford to take 6 weeks off work to recover. Her GoFundMe failed to raise funds, so I am offering an alternative to help her out. For a limited time, I am offering discounted memberships to to those that can pay with PayPal. All the funds will go to Lucy with no administrative costs other than PayPal. Message or Email if interested. PayPal only.

littlecookiekat: littlecookiekat: Giveaway T…



Giveaway Time! 💖 

@onesiesdownunder and I are hosting a giveaway! There will be three winners, and each will receive one $50 gift card to The winners will be drawn randomly.


✨18+ only. Must be willing to provide proof of age if you win
✨Must be following both me ( @littlecookiekat ) and @onesiesdownunder
✨Reblog to enter. You may reblog multiple times for more entries, but don’t spam or you will be disqualified.
✨Likes don’t count as entries
✨Follow my Instagram or Twitter for an extra entry each (dm me your username)
✨Open internationally
✨Don’t tag this as a giveaway. No giveaway blogs. Must reblog to an active blog
✨End date is September 1, 2018 11:59pm EST. I will announce and contact the three winners the following day. Each winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. 

This giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr. 

Even if you don’t win, you can always use my discount code cookiekat at!

Thank you for your love and support, as always, and good luck! 💕

One day left!

When Daddy finds out what Lolly has done to Mu…

When Daddy finds out what Lolly has done to Muffin’s bottom(bruising it badly playing Mommy Dearest), he decides to give her a taste of her own medicine. So, over his knee she goes for a butt blistering session with the hairbrush. Once her bottom is bright red and bruised, he puts her on the changing table for a Fleet enema and a thick diaper.

Lolly kneels next to the bed, where Muffin is recovering from her own blistered bottom. It’s not long before she can no longer contain the enema and fills her diaper to capacity. Of course, Muffin is quite pleased with the turn of events.

Sometimes you gotta get creative.

Sometimes you gotta get creative.

Cici has been quite the brat lately, so Daddy …

Cici has been quite the brat lately, so Daddy decides to give her an enema while she eats her lunch in the high chair. It’s quite uncomfortable and she squirms quite a bit. The first two quarts goes in faster than expected, so Daddy refills the bag and gives her another two quarts for good measure.

Cici is incredibly uncomfortable and the cramps are really hampering her appetite, but Daddy is unrelenting in her discipline. When he finally pulls out the nozzle, she loses control almost immediately. Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, she loudly fills her diaper with each subsequent cramp. When Daddy finally lets her out of the high chair, he tells her she’s going to stay in her dirty diaper until after her nap.